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We acquire and turbocharge Amazon e-commerce brands

Our team of experts and operators have successfully grown and exited multiple Amazon businesses. Talk to us to get the best tailored deal for you.

Who We Are

We are a team of experts in the Amazon marketplaces, e-commerce, brand growth, finance, technology, and operations from top-tier companies including Amazon, Unilever, and Lululemon.

Our leadership comprises successful Amazon sellers who have created and exited multiple million-dollar Amazon businesses.

We know how to build on your hard work and take it to the top. You can trust us to deliver an efficient sale process, an attractive exit, and continued profit sharing as your brands grow with us.



Combined value of acquisition and investment transactions our team have worked on



Combined annual revenue of brands our experts have managed and grown



Value of the Asian e-commerce market that your brands can have access to through us


Why Sell To FirstLight

Acquisition experts

We have extensive experience in acquisitions from deal evaluation, structuring to execution for e-commerce businesses of various sizes. You can expect an attractive offer from us which is tailored to best suit your specific preferences.

Fast, transparent process

Get in touch today and within 2 days we will confirm our interest and provide an estimated valuation of your business. The typical process  takes 30-45 days from the first engagement to cash payment.

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Shared success

Benefit from our institutional expertise as our team of experts bring your brands to new levels of growth and share the profits with you post acquisition.

Access to Asia

Asia represents the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce market as well as supply base. It is worth US$2.5 trillion in 2020, making up 60% of global e-commerce. Based in Singapore, FirstLight has an unparalleled understanding of Asian consumers and strong relationships with Asian suppliers to make your brands flourish in this part of the world, on top of the US and European markets.


Fast and Transparent Sale Process

Our team of acquisition experts is committed to delivering a fast, transparent, and seamless sale process that ends with cash payment in your bank account within 30-45 days from our first contact.




Preliminary evaluation & Letter of Intent




Due diligence & legal documents




Closing & migration

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Do you have an A brand?

If you have a great brand and are thinking about selling your business, get in touch with us today!  We look for 4 A’s in a brand:


Sellers’ Insights

Bradley - Amazon FBA - Sports & Fitness

“The FirstLight team has been invaluable as I began the process to sell my business - they have been successful Amazon FBA operators themselves with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is very reassuring.

Understanding my needs as an Amazon store owner, and being able to create an attractive exit plan for me were exactly what I was looking for.”

Limei - Amazon FBA - Toys & Games

“After I launched my first successful Amazon brand, I was ready to do it all again. However, despite making money off the store, I didn’t have the capital upfront to expand my business significantly.


It was around then I found FirstLight. I reached out to them for their initial consultation and am enjoying working with them through this process. They’ve made me feel confident that I’m going to get the best deal for my business, and they will be the right custodian to take my brand forward.”

Tamsin - Amazon FBA - Home & Kitchen

FirstLight gives business owners the exit they need to make key changes to their lifestyle whilst still feeling like part of the business and profiting as it continues to grow.


“I look forward to starting this next chapter of my life with the FirstLight team, they have been so easy to work with helping me get prepared for this next big step.”

Start a new day with FirstLight